tisdag 11 januari 2011

pattern making...

Free-style patternmaking for my springcoat^^

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  1. I love your coat! <3 super super cute! <3

  2. wow so cool! I wish I could sew like this too... I need to work harder!

    Well I have to say I found your blog today and I LOVE IT. I'm learning swedish and spend so much time looking for an INTERESTING blog and finally I found one so I can a bit practise you know :) Well I think this sounds so ridiculous... But I wanted to tell you ;D

    looking forward to some interesting entries :D

  3. Hi Mia!

    That's so sweet of my, thanks:D It really makes me happy to hear!

    Wich are your native language? I'll try to write my entries in english aswell sometimes, so you can understand all of it;)

  4. German and I'm learing english for 6 years now :)
    aww that's fine :D